My arduino smells like it's burnt but it looks good

I'm putting a 3d printer together, I have an arduino mega with 1.6 ramp it was working until I connected it to the power supply then I unintentionally made a short circuit in the power supply and after that it didn't light up,so i changed the power supply and connected it again it smelled like burnt, but when I connect it to the computer it works just fine, someone told me it is a regulator problem, is that true? , should I change the regulator? Thanks.

What power supply did you use? To which pins / connector did you connect it.

What kind of short? From what to what?

The regulator is only in use when you connect e.g. a 12V supply to the barrel connector or the Vin (and GND) pins. As the board still works when connected to the computer, it is likely that the regulator is died; you can measure the 5V and 3.3V output with a multi-meter when connecting your external power supply.

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