My Arduino uno doesn't work

I just got myself an Arduino uno and all od the Pins don't work. I saw a Black component under the built in LED and it is offset and i think that this is causing the problem. Can someone help?

Certainly at least one problem…

The resistor array marked 102, has not been placed properly.
There’s a good chance there could be other assembly problems.

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definitely an issue indeed, it should look like this

as it's an original board, you should return it for a replacement, not try to fix it yourself and void the warranty


Fixing it yourself really requires a hot-air rework station and the skills to go with it... Otherwise returning is best. It's clearly faulty from a visual inspection.


"RN2" connects the three nearby LEDs and is involved in the reset circuitry, but I cannot really see why the accidental connection of the reset pull-down to the "TX" led would interfere with normal operation once the 16U2 was initialised and pin 13 defined OUTPUT! :thinking:

Congrats for finding it yourself. A lot of people would just panic and act helpless.

If you bought the board directly from Arduino, contact the Tech Support with Give a clear and short detail of the issue with pcitures and your purchase invoice attached.

However, if bought from an authorised distributor or retailer, ask them for a replacement.

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