My bought EEPROM does not have the needed Pins

Hey guys!

[Arduino Uno in use]

I was about to follow this tutorial: external EEPROM Tutorial

Which is pretty good to understand and follow - hypothetically.

Now I shopped some EEPROMs out of the internetz and sadly just checked the datasheet after I received them :P

Datasheet of my bought EEPROMs

Thats the funny datasheet for it now.

No A0, A1, A2 Pins like in the tutorial. Also Serial Clock and Data is merged into one SCIO pin :( I think that wont work with Arduinos I²C Analog Pins 4 and 5.

Is there a chance to get them to work anyway? I'd like to learn tons by attaching it to my arduino and get it to work. I think I can't rely of EEPROM-Libary of Arduino with this EEPROM - but I'm sure there might be a tutorial to use these kind of EEPROM with Arduino Uno as well.

Please guide me !

greets Charlie

Falke88: Please guide me !

If you are a beginner and completely clueless, you'd better buy only ICs which use a bus system that is supported by Arduino easily.

Whith Arduino you could easily use: - SPI bus (supported by Atmega hardware and Arduino core library) - I2C bus (supported by Atmega hardware and Arduino core library) - OneWire bus (supported by third-party library)

I think for the "UNI/O®" bus system you'd have to develop your own library from the datasheet timing diagram and additional information provided by MicroChip. I could not find any ready-to-use library for Arduino.