My code compiles, but when someone else compiles my code it fails on Serial1

Hey all,

so i've written a quite a big piece of code that reads and writes from an SD card. controls some IO and sends SMS when an alarm occurs.

Now in that last part im getiing in trouble.

My code works perfectly in my own arduino environment (nightly).
I am using the FONA library from Adafruit, where i use hardware Serial to connect with a SIM800L module.

Now i want to send this code to my colleague. But when he compiled, it gave an error on this line:

HardwareSerial    *fonaSerial         = &Serial1;

Error looked as follows;

exit status 1
'Serial1' was not declared in this scope

I checked, he has selected the right board, had all correct libraries in his libraries folder.

Does anyone know why this problem could be acting up?
Is this a problem in my code?

Kind regards,
jan Tromp.

Are you sure that it is the right Arduino?

It may help if you post the whole code and the entire error message. Paraphrasing error messages leaves out important information.


I found the problem. and ofcourse, it's a dumb mistake -.-

Instead of using a arduino Mega, im using an industrial shields M-Duino (link. This is a arduino mega with some shields and extra electronics to make 24 V IO.

Now to use these boards you add a link to preferences - add additional boards and then select the right board.

My coworker used the GRPS board, which is the logical choice since our controller has a GRPS module.
But for some magical reason, using the GPRS board does not give you the functionality. U need to select the non GPRS board.