My code keeps repeating from the previous code that I programed


I was wondering why my code in arduino uno keeps repeating the previous code that i programmed with the lcd before instead of the code that I have now.

I tried to press the red reset button on the arduino, tried a lcd clear, and compiled and uploaded new program that I want to implement into the machine.

Is there some way to reset an arduino program other than compiling and uploading again? It keeps repeating my digital watch that I created before with a lcd.

I guess you will just have to show us a copy of the new code you say you compiled and uploaded.

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Can you tell us what model Arduino you are using?

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Have you tried loading the "Blink" example from the eaxmples tag in the IDE?

Does your code use pin 0 and pin 1 ?


If you upload new code then your old code has gone. If your old code is still there then your new code has not uploaded.

Which Arduino has a red reset button?

And this pretty much sums it up. :grin:

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