My Computer is Not Recognizing My Arduino Anymore!!!!

The problem is that for some reason my computer is showing that my Arduino doesn't exist when i plug it in. No matter what I do the Arduino doesn't show up on the device manager. When i plug it into the computer there is no notification that shows that it has been plugged in. The Arduino itself is perfectly fine. All the lights are and the reset button flashes the orange light. The board is litterally right out of the box, so there is no damage.

Furthermore, this is the second time that this has happened. I had bought one previously and the same thing happened. Last time i had this problem from the start it never worked properly. I returned it and bought a new one in hopes that this was a malfunction.

This newer Arduino had similar problems at first. It was uploading sketchs but sometimes it couldn't connect to the COM. Then all of a sudden it just stopped. My computer now no longer recognizes the Arduino and I have zero connection. It doesn't show up on the drivers, it doesn't show up as a COM, and it doesn't indicate that it is even plugged into the computer. When It really is plugged in.

I have tried other USB cables so it isn't the USB.

Is it my computer? Do all the Arduinos I buy just break?

I don't understand why this is happening. I really need to get this Arduino functional for my science fair prodject. I dont have much time to finish it and I cant keep building if i cant get my Arduino running. Please Help.

I am a newb with the Arduino but a very good troubleshooter…

"I have tried other USB cables so it isn’t the USB. " < NOT SO! I agree it is probably not the cable as you have tried that but have you tried other USB PORTS?

“It is straight out of the box - so it is not damaged; The Arduino itself is perfectly fine.” < Again, NOT SO! Damaged equipment comes out of the box all the time. If it is a design problem you could get lemon after lemon in brand new boxes.

Obviously based on results, you haven’t isolated the problem yet. Worse you are making unfounded assumptions that may lead you away from a valid solution. Assumption is the MOTHER of some really nasty children that like to bite people right in the @$$. Trust but verify. How I will leave up to you… But here are some suggestions.

Take a breath and relax. Don’t let your internal state add to the problem. Stress is a mind killer.

Stop and look at the situation in a cold unemotional manner. The fact that the UNO is powered means what? That it is getting power. That is all that it means. For the UNO to work it has to have Power, YesAnd handshake with the computer via the signal lines. You have successfully eliminated power issues. But you could still have a bad connection on the SIGNAL LINE via the SAME PORT. You never looked there!

How do you work that angle?

Have you tried other USB ports with the same UNO … or … other devices in the same port (long term)? If you do the same thing you will get the same result, good or bad. Consistency is good when things are working but not so much when they don’t. Try to change things up and compare the results. Maybe, try the same uno in a different computer - you don’t have to load all the software, just see if it shows up in device manager.

All these things will tell you something and help you isolate the problem further.

If nothing else it will give you more data to bring to the table and to pass on in an effort to get help here.

Hope it helps!


Hi I have also something similar, My Genuino Zero is not recognized by the computer, it is shown under the portable device, I tried to update driver, but the windows gives me error that the selected file is not matching ..

By the way i also have the starter kit for Genuino zero.

If you found a solution please share it with us.

I posted one post in the forum for my problem see link below

my arduino micro

is giving the message

that the device isn't recognized

i use winows 10

and 1.6.5