My computer only has usb 3, help?

Hi everyone, I'm new to the forums and arduino, so please excuse any stupid questions or if I posted this in the wrong place :p. Anyway I am trying to program an Osepp Uno R3 Plus on my Hp envy 15t, which only has usb 3. I have learned that a usb 2 hookup is required for programming, and I was wondering if there is some software I could download or adapter I could use so I can program my arduino? Thanks all.

Isn't USB3 backwards compatible to USB2?

That is what I thought, but my computer isn't recognizing the uno, it classifies it with a random assortment of characters. And most recently, I can't even find it under devices w/ control panel anymore :(. All attempts to manually install drivers have failed as well.

Do other usb2 devices work in the port? You have probably already tried this but what about using a different usb port or a new lead?

I've seen various complaints that some USB 3.0 ports don't work too well with some Arduino and Arduino-like boards (particularly ATtiny85 boards like the Trinket). One suggestion is plug in a 2.0 USB hub into the 3.0 port, and then plug the device into the hub. The internal chip within the hub that separates the USB traffic will normalize the signal.

Thank you guys for your replies, and I discovered the issue! Some of the Arduino drivers were not installed (I was unaware of this) because of windows 8 requiring driver signatures. I went into settings and disabled this, and now everything is working fine. Fingers crossed about future issues w/ my usb 3 ports, though I will install a 2.0 hub if I run into any. Thanks again!