My crons don't work on my processor.


I want to use two crons on my processor whom are:

*/3 * * * * curl Arduino - Home > /mnt/sda1/0.DATA/9.Test/Arduino_reference_date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S.html

          • / -k upload /mnt/sda1/0.DATA/9.Test html_files

The crons don't work on my 'Scheduled tasks' but they are saved in my crontab and my Yun is connected to the internet.

When I write them in PuTTY command line, both commands are working.

Please do you have some ideas for resolving this issue?

Kind regards,

This '* * * * * curl Arduino - Home > /mnt/sda1/0.DATA/9.Test/Arduino_reference_date +%Y%m%d_%H%M%S.html' cron isn't working.

This '*/3 * * * * / -k upload /mnt/sda1/0.DATA/9.Test App1' cron is working.

I think that the problem is coming from '* * * * *'.

Both crons are working.

*/3 * * * * / -k upload /mnt/sda1/0.DATA/9.Test App1


Glad you got it working. I've had similar problems in the past, but not since I started writing small script files for the commands, and then just calling the script file from crontab rather than the whole complicated command. That way I can test the command at the command line and make sure it works. Then it's just the simple script name that goes in crontab. It not only makes testing easier, but also makes maintenance easier: if you need to change the command, just edit the script file and don't touch crontab.

@Shapeshifter: Great idea!
One of the least recognized unix utilities is the lp spooler. If you look deep enough into it you will find that it has capabilities that go far beyond print job spooling. Get out your shovel and dig deep!