My DC motor spins slower when I control it with an IR receiver

I added an external battery to my arduino uno so when I just directly connect my DC motor to the breadboard, it spins super fast. When I try using an IR receiver/remote control, however, My motor is barely/can’t spin at all.

I think it’s because there’s not enough voltage but I’m using the biggest battery holder I have.

How can a make it so that I can control the motor with IR receiver so that the motor spins at close to it’s normal speed? (normal as in when I just connect it to my breadboard without anything else imbetween)

Can you please post a schematic of your circuit? As this is your first post I would suggest you to learn how to use this forum. Thanks.

It’s probably not got much to do with the IR control but with the way your motor is connected/controlled. How EXACTLY is a connected? Through a motor driver? A MOSFET? Please provide some details. And post the program that you are using to control it.

And maybe write a simple test program for the Arduino that just immediately sets the motor to full speed. Does that run o.k.?