My DE-ACCM3D Buffered Tri-axis Accelerometer

Hi guys, i am now trying to build a quad-copter with my Arduino mega 2560. I am now trying to install and program my Accelerometer (DE-ACCM3D Buffered Tri-axis). I have looked in the specs and i cant find the right information about programming and installation. I have already tryed to connect it to my arduino has the ADXL 3xx accelerometer and run the suggested program from and it gives me random data. here is the info of my setup suggested by arduino

I wish u guys can help me Thx

N.B. my accelerometer has no "st" output

A Google search turned up the datasheet:

Does that help?

Looks like the outputs go from 0 to 3.3V so you MIGHT want to connect the Arduino's Aref pin to the 3.3v pin and select the external analog reference. That will give you a reading of about 512 at 0G and 614 (512+102) for +1G and 410 (512-102) for -1G.

If you use the default 5v reference the 0G point is 340 and the 1G range is 407 to 272.

So we need to use the regulator bypass?

tf960620: So we need to use the regulator bypass?

Well, you could get 3.3v for Aref from the "Regulator bypass" pin of the accelerometer OR from the 3.3v pin of the Arduino. Your choice.