My Display Isn't Displaying anything

I'm quite new to Arduino. I recently got received a KumanTech Arduino set containing an LCD display. The LCD is a 1602A QAPASS display that came with my set. I've followed a few tutorials on YouTube and so far not a single one has worked. I'm currently trying to follow this one: Arduino tutorial: 1602 LCD display - YouTube but nothing happens on the display. I don't know if the display is broken or what. I do have a B10K Potentiometer and it still doesn't work. I might be wiring it wrong but i'm not sure. Thanks

Please post your sketch. What library are you using?

I'm not currently using a sketch. The display backlight is supposed to light up when the wiring is finished. When I link a wire to the ground (shown in the schematics) the Arduino immediatly shuts off and disconnects for.

Ok I got it to work, I think I don't know what went wrong I used a different setup and it worked, thanks for trying to help anyways!