My experience so far

Hello, I must say the IDE probably still needs substantial fixes and improvements:

  1. Serial monitor does not allow higher speed than 115200, but some ESP32 programs use 921600 as default, so in such case there is no possibility to monitor anything.

  2. The IDE mimics VS Code or uses its core, so I would expect some basic VS Code features to be present. Most wanted: if a compilation error occurs, I would like to move to the respective source line by clicking or double-clicking the error line.

  3. the ESPtool included with IDE 2.0 seems to be very picky about serial port. While flashing a program from command line using esptool I installed in Python 3.9 is a 100% success, with the IDE it is 50/50 at the best and right now I am unsuccessfully attempting 25 times to flash a sketch into TTGO LoRa32 (a minor change in existnig sketch, already uploaded in about 8 successive versions).

At this moment its use is only limited.



Hi @ok4rm. Thanks for trying out the beta phase Arduino IDE 2.x and sharing your valuable feedback!

This deficiency is being tracked here:

I agree that would be very useful. There is a feature request for it in the other IDE repository's tracker here:

I order to gather more information that might help us to troubleshoot your problem, I'm going to ask you to post the full output from the upload when in verbose mode.

Please do this:

  1. Select File > Preferences from the Arduino IDE's menus.
  2. Uncheck the checkbox next to Show verbose output during: [ ] compilation
  3. Check the checkbox next to Show verbose output during: [ ] upload.
  4. Click the OK button.
  5. Attempt an upload, as you did before.
  6. After the upload fails, right click on the black "Output" pane at the bottom of the Arduino IDE 2.x window.
  7. From the context menu, click Copy All. This copies the full output to the clipboard.
  8. Open a forum reply here by clicking the Reply button.
  9. Click the </> icon on the post composer toolbar. This will add the forum's code block markup (```) to your reply to make sure the error messages are correctly formatted.
    Code block
  10. Press Ctrl+V. This will paste the error output from the upload into the code block.
  11. Move the cursor outside of the code tags before you add any additional text to your reply.
  12. Click the Reply button to post the output.

That feature request dates back 2015

There are quite a few feature requests of that vintage or older which are now being fulfilled during the rewrite of the Arduino IDE.

Things move slowly sometimes, but they do move. There is a tremendous amount of work to do and only a small number of developers at Arduino to do it. This is open source software, so anyone is welcome to implement the features themself, and perhaps to contribute those efforts back to the project for the benefit of the entire community.

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