My first amateur level project

Hello, 3 days ago i have bought arduino uno because i have enjoyed projects of arduino and wanted to try by myself. Here is my project which consists: temperature measurement photo light sensor lcd 2x16 led lights cheapest fan cooler :D To start with, i have made that if temperature >21, fan cooler and green light are working till temperature decreases lower than 21C. If cooler isnt working then red light is turned on. Also if you are in a dark, then red lights does programmed lightning combination. Everything is showed at lcd screen, what is temperature and light condition. Also i have sorted like this, if temperature is >10 on lcd screen you will see 10C Salta (in english- Cold) and so on. For ligh conditions, you can see description in lcd screen. At the moment, it is my first project and i pretty liked it, will try later something more interesting :)

That is a very ambitions first project. You have a lot of cool stuff going on. Congratulations. It sounds like you put it together pretty quickly also.

I did not see any lightning programmed or otherwise . Nicely done though

thx guys :) btw about that lightning combinatination, from 0:18 you can see that i have covered with my finger photo cell sensor and later more red led lights started to work. ;D