My first Arduino Clone...

… and my first soldering project. I used the Arduino design as my learning project and came up with this hot mess. Bare wire busses, solder bridges, you name it. I even had to change the Digital pins to a different format just to fit everything on a too-small board (for my current skill level).

It may be ugly, but it works, and the only things I couldn’t really solder up we’re the first headers (VIN, 3v3, etc., but everything else works!

I learned quite a bit about soldering, prototyping, modifying existing designs to my own, and even found I’m pretty good at soldering small parts. But mostly, i learned things NOT to do.

As I design and build more clones these can only get better.

I find a Puttanesca goes quite well with this spaghetti that I made, no?

Here’s a little more… An array of LEDs fed by D0-D13

trim.qoM2eO.MOV (1.55 MB)

Hey, I'm not an expert, but I think you should try going with the jumpers wire on the other side of the PCB

Send a photo from the other side, yes.

I'm sure your next step is making your own PCB right?

Keep on going, nice project.

What does the other side look like?

Yes, a photo of the other side would be nice. And try to reduce the size of the photo to something like 1280x10124 or something similar. Such big photos are vary hard to watch, even on a full hd monitor :-) Nevertheless its a cool project. And a good result for a first soldering project. thumbs up