My first Arduino project - a soil probe, is it feasible? Any suggestions?

Hi everyone,
I've not used Arduino before. I'm a good learner of most things, but most of this would be new to me.

I'd like to build what I think is a fairly simple device to measure the soil, things like temperature, moisture, humidity. And display it somewhere, or better still send it wirelessly to a nearby mobile device.

Does this sound simple enough for a first project?

Can anyone recommend specific items I should use; sensors, boards etc? Or any guides from others who have already built something like this? I can find a few via an internet search but I don't know if they are out of date or not.


Maybe your searches were too broad. Try something like "arduino soil moisture" or "arduino soil temp". Using Arduino for these purposes is fairly common and often discussed on the forum so a lot of information is available.

I think you shoudl first break these things down into individual steps/projects..

temp sensor project
humidity sensor project
soil tester
lcd display project

Once you understand how each of these sensors and display work individually it will be easier to merge them all together.