My first bare bones Arduino circuit!

I finally finished it tonight. I still have some code to polish up but here it is! As a learning project I wanted to make an LCD controller to control a parallel LCD I had picked up.

It consists of the LCD (HD44780 Compatible), an Atmega168 (in a removable dip socket for reprogramming) running code that I developed in the Arduino IDE and uploaded via an AVR ISP, a cds light sensor, a status led, and the other bits required to make the Atmega168 run on it's own.

The controller requires four connections - +5v, GND and two I/O pins for I2C (You can control the display via a simple command protocol I came up with over I2C). The LCD back light is also automatically controlled depending on the amount of light detected.

Ignore the ugly green mess of wires, I didn't plan out the wire layout very much as I wasn't really concerned with aesthetics :slight_smile:

Very Nice, Keep it up. Got any plans for what you will use it for?? I see many people use lcd's for twitter updates ect

I haven't really thought that far ahead ;D

Talking to my PC over the serial port feeding out live stats as to how many users are currently on my website :slight_smile:

very nice.

Good picture too for starters like me. I can see what I need to fabricate the board.

Not being too critical I hope but you could use one spot for something else . Just add the members and guests to get the total. Just count the tens in your head

Yeah, I may even go the route of alternating the display with different bits of information.

If you are looking at the board for reference, note that there are two 22pF caps on the bottom of the board connected from the legs of the oscillator to GND. Also pin 18 of the Atmega goes to pin 11 of the LCD via an underboard wire.

Boots, I am in Halifax also, where did you get your Arduino and components?