My first post

Hi all,

I have joined this forum to hope to get some help with a project i’m working on.

I like to welcome as a new member of this. Hope we get along with each other. You’re welcome to ask question related to electronics.

First post also, needed to get past the first post can’t have links requirement :slight_smile:

I have just joined as well. I am sure these forums will be a great resource in the comming months as i work to complete my senior project.

Me too. I am trying to get help with a project.


If your senior project includes Arduino, then here is the largest of only a few online resources.

Hi Everyone!

Hello everyone!
this is my 1st post also,

this place looks like lots of fun for an old man to get re-childized a bit :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, for spamming this thread, but I also want to post a link :wink:

Yay, another person from Malta :slight_smile:


yay another “senior project” member!
these forums are great, everyone will help or at least try to help with any problems you have. :smiley:

welcome, all newbies!!!