My first project - Scoreboard

Note for all - this is my first project and I have no previous experience of Arduino and programming. But I have found partly similar projects done so I hope this can be managed.

So I like to build scoreboard for my soccer (football) club.
Scoreboard will have following:

  • 3-digit name for home and away using 16-segment display
  • 2-digit for home and away goals using 7-segment display
  • count up timer showing running time in mm:ss format using 7-segment display

All display segments will be made from led strip to save some money.

What I have already:
2 pc S-25-5 PSU
2 pc Arduino Uno
2 pc HC-05 Bluetooth receiver
2pc breadboard
10 pc microswitches
10 m ledstripe 5050 doublerow

First I was planning to do this project - but then I decided to use led strip instead of P10.

Also I found ready made library for count up timer - Arduino Playground - CountUpDownTimer - but I would like to tune code a bit - clock should automatically stop to 45:00 and then start after receiving command. Also minute overflow after 59 should be removed.

I guess one Arduino One cannot handle all this so therefore there is 2 units available. Would it be idea to have clock and goals controlled by one and then team names by another unit? How many 16-segment displays Arduino One can handle, I planned to use 6 characters but if more can be handled - why not to use capability?

What I should now note as display differs totally from linked project? Or would it be easier just to buy some P10 displays and follow linked project?

And yes, there is many scoreboard projects done by Arduino, does anyone have own experience about similar project that I am planning?