My first project

I have a project of creating station that takes temperature, wind... Later I want that to be sent to my pc by Bluetooth or wifi, or looking at the graph in a small screen connected to the station.

Which components should I buy?

I like the thing of sending orders theoght the pc and receiving information.

If I recommend me another project just tell it to me I acutally program php mysql...

Which components should I buy?

A PC. All that data is available on the internet already.

@Javibs69, you have not explained in sufficient detail what you need help with.

If you are very new to the Arduino system start with an Uno and a simple temperature sensor and write a program to display the data on your PC with the Arduino Serial Monitor.

Then figure out the next piece of the project - perhaps the wind sensor.

Don't try to make a long shopping list when you have insufficient experience. You will just be wasting money.

Planning and Implementing a Program

Hi, Maybe start learning about Arduino first. Try THIS:

Temperature Sensors HERE:

HERE: is an example which shows how to read 4 DS18B20 temperature sensors on the same cable and display the results on a 4-line 20 character-per-line LCD Display.

First, read the GETTING STARTED section of THIS:

I have YouTube videos that may help you understand some of this too.

For example, video #28 deals with the DS18B20 temperature sensor (2 of them) on the same two wires. You will probably use the same method like thousands before you. :slight_smile:

Anyway, the link to all my videos are in the URL in the footer of this post. Enjoy!