My first quadcopter project

Hi guys,

I am planning on building myself a quadcopter and came here to seek a little bit of help. I am quite new to arduino and after going through a bunch of projects I feel like this is what I want to do next :slight_smile:

I have been reading a lot online about this topic and found a lot of different builds that other people were nice enough to share.
I have made a list of hardware I think I will need and I want to keep it very basic for the beginning.

So I guess my questions are: Is this everything I need for a basic fully functional quadcopter?
Are these parts compatible and do you think it will be easy to add more functionality in the future (like barometer, gps etc)?
Is this IMU what I need to get YPR? Can I use it on a breadboard or is there a similar one I can use on a breadboard (dont have any soldering tools yet)?

Sorry if I'm asking stupid questions, but I appreciate any help!

Thanks a lot in advance!

My list


I am interested in this project. I just dropped when I saw the prices joystick controller .. because they were over $ 200. Can quadcopter porpuno be functional with these cheap joytick? that you must add the gyroscope?

P. S. I'm almost new to the Arduino. so I do not know much .. but I like to explore and try out ..


Sorry for replying to this, but I originally forgot to add my list in the beginning, so here it is

Not sure why nobody is replying, either the information I have provided is not very specific, in which case I apologise and would like to find out what information I was missing to provide. Or it might not interesting in which case I guess this thread can be closed.