My first real project, atmega/arduino based


I have startet my small project until my Uno arrives :slight_smile:
The project is to learn some basics:
PCB/schematic program, like Eagle or DesignSpark
Manufacture a PCB, using either toner transfer or UV Circuit board
What parts is needed, and how they work, transistors, mosfets, relays and power supply unit
Interface with 12 volt parts
Programming it

So here is what i want it to do:
Turn on either the foglight, or lowbeam when you unlock the car( Leaving home light)
The same function, when the engine is off and the car door is opened( Coming home light)
Turn on the foglight in fx left side, when you blink left and the speed is under a certain treshold( Cornering light)
Have 1 or 2 optional outputs, to relays or similar, so when you lock your car twice with under 3 sec between, it triggers this output, can be used for parking heater control, sun roof or trunk opening.

Here is the PCB i have begun to design:
It is designed with DesignSpark.

What i need help with:
Selecting/making a power supply, with as low as possible standby current, so it dont drain the car battery
Selecting the right parts for the outputs, one 12v car bulb is 55 watt, so the parts need to hande this
Checking my PCB for errors and such

Here is the best place for General project ideas.