My First Shield

Hi Folks,

I designed a shield as a sort of test run on learning Eagle, and for a project I'd like to do. I'm interested in people's opinions of it, and where it could be improved (That is, if you were making a 'general' type shield, what would you put on it?) It's basically a breakout shield + Servo Headers for the digital pins.

Tell me what you think:


I would love to do something like that. What was the final cost?

As a group, We do the boards at $5/sq. inch. It came out to a total of around $30 (But I got 3!) I ended up giving away the other two, primarily because the design wasn't quite what I wanted (with the drill holes being too small on the 2-terminal blocks. I've corrected it in the most recent design.

Part of the $30 cost was that we do our PCB order Stateside, so it's a bit spendier (but a lot quicker). Larger scale production would put them at a much lower per-board cost.

The headers and terminal blocks I got as samples, so they were free, but it'd be about $3 for the components.

I'm glad you like it. Thanks for taking a look.

Also vinceherman, You're welcome to join our Monthly PCB order if you're interested (anyone else is welcome too!): PCB Order