my gates

hi all what im trying to do is open a set of gates you can see here what im trying to do the gate i have been trying difrent ways to control them I have two motors and each motor has a clutch on it what im trying to do is get a key fob to open the lock and then open the gates keep the clutches on to keep the Gates open when you drive in then you can close the gate with the key fob and the gates will claose and lock i was going to use two motor shields but i need to drive 4 mps for the motros and im going to use a stepper motor to unlock the gates .
and i have found that you can not stack the motor shield so im going to make a relay shield to run the motors and clutches using two relays so i can get 4mps from the shield

The video looks good. I do like to see a bit of DIY engineering. I do it all the time, for a living :slight_smile: