My Kent Display is Working (e-ink LCD)

I just finished a write up showing how I made my Kent Display (ChLCD) work to display a full screen image. If anyone is interested, I’ve posted the tricks and some sample code on

I plan to use this in a display project I have, and I know several people have had trouble making this work. I’m sure someone can improve on what I’ve done.

Looks good! What's the difference between this Kent display and a regular dot matrix display?


Those chLCD units look very nice indeed. Good work.

Luidr, the main differences are that they retain their display even when the power is cut and [apparently] are more readable in bright sunlight than the usual screens. Like eInk displays.

The refresh rates are on the order of 2 seconds. On the positive side, you write to them once, then cut the power and the image stays. They sell them at SparkFun.

I see, thanks, may be a good thing if you plan on battery operated projects.