My LCD is lit but doesnt display anything.

My LCD is lit but doesnt display anything, even when it is wired correctly and programmed. Can someone explain the problem?

It is either not correctly wired (most likely) or not programmed. (Or perhaps both.)

That is the explanation, pure and simple.

Now if you want to get assistance resolving the problem, you need to follow the instructions for posting requests for help.

There's another possibility. Have you adjusted the contrast potentiometer?


If you're using the Adafruit 2.4" display with the SD socket and Touch Pins, there are three JUMPERS that need to be set on that board by bridging with solder. Depending on whether you're using SPI mode or 8-bit Parallel.

Not configuring those jumpers will not allow the display to "listen" on the right pins!

That would come under the category of 'not correctly wired'.

Of course we still have no idea of what kind of LCD he has and he seems to have disappeared.