My learner project must store & display Japanese and up to 10K of unicode chars.

I am primarily a language geek. I want to buy an Arduino kit to develop basic skills in programming and electronic circuitry, but unicode support and the capability to display the roughly 10,000 unicode characters needed for basic Japanese, Chinese, Korean on a decent graphic display is also a must. Any recommendations for getting all this 'mostly' from a kit to satisfy the EE novice part of me?


Although it may be technically possible to do this on the Arduino using external storage, its almost certainly not the correct platform for this.

Use a Raspberry PI

I don't think an UNO has enough memory.
Here is a link to an lcd custom character generator but I don't think it has enough pixels for unicode.

Before you go ANY FURTHER (meaning buy anything) you need to identify HOW MANY PIXELS YOU NEED AND HOW MANY ROWS AND COLUMNS YOU NEED. Memory required will be a function of your answer. NO ANSWER and we can't really tell you how much memory you need and consequently which arduino (IF ANY) to use.
Do your homework first. Make some unicode characters using a format like the above link, meaning using ONLY SQUARES IN ROWS AND COLUMNS. : , figure out how many row and columns you need. If this information is readily available online , then post a link.
Until you can tell us that , I don't know how we can help you.

use an external EEPROM for storage of the characters.
e.g by using my library - Arduino Playground - LibraryForI2CEEPROM -