my MB102 power module doesn't charge phones

Hi, i'm trying to make a powerbank with MB102 power module, the voltage current is 5v and it can turn on my HDD also turn on LED, but it doesn't charge any phones not android nor ios...

i think it's because it hasn't ampere current and i'm not sure about that because i haven't a voltmeter

can anyone help me to solve it somehow? thanks :frowning:

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Please post a link to the device you are talking about.
Those power modues are not designed for phone charging.

To charge a phone I believe you need more than just the power connections.

Tom.... :slight_smile:

sorry for my deflets... i searched many tutorials i found nothing to guide me, can you help me?

It depends on which phone. Products bearing the fruit logo are very picky about chargers. Different models won’t charge from other chargers. I think they like you to re-buy all your chargers each time you buy a new phone.

Other phones will conform to published standards. The most common standard is the one that says to tie the D+ and D- pins together inside the charger. Try that first. That’s easiest.

However a phone that thinks it’s on a proper charger may try to draw more than 1000mA from the supply. The MB102 is only rated for 700mA, so it may have problems charging phones even if you get the connections correct.

Don’t forget to set the MB102 to 5V.