My motor doesn't work with pins

SO i try to explian my problem, when you don’t understand something just comment.

I work in the moment with an Motor from my old MECCANO, when I use the 5V or the 3,3 V Pin there is no problem, but hen I want to you it with a Pin PWM or normal digital then I hear just a muted sound from my motor like when I doesn’t have enough energy, what is the problem


doesn't have enough energy

Use a transistor.

The output pins from the Arduino are logic signals, they cannot drive a large load like a motor. In fact trying to do so can damage the chip. The absolute limit you should never reach or exceed is 40mA. Motors can take much much more. Hopefully you haven't permanently damaged the chip on the Arduino, but be prepared for this eventuality.

In general you need a motor driver or controller for a motor. To be able to reverse the motor you need an H-bridge driver, to just run it on one direction a single transistor or MOSFET can be sufficient. You have to take precautions with motors to prevent voltage spikes from damaging the electronics, and you have to think about whether the motor can over-load the power source and cause supply-voltage-drop-outs.

Search around these forums for more ideas. Or tell us a bit more about the motor, what you want to achieve with it...

Ok thanks for the fast answers and i really think I was a little bit stupid I thought on the V but not on the mA, I will try it with a transistor and will tell you later the result :)

Hint: measure the resistance of the windings with a multimeter so you can estimate the stall current requirement of the motor.

sorry that I took so long for my replie, but I had no time I tried it, and it works I used an Batterie as extern Power, Thanks you XD