My new Board

Hi all,

I want to show you my new arduino board project. It is still in test stage but things are looking good.
It’s based on an arduino due with a little bit of this and that. It’s hand soldered but the soldering seems to be OK.
If everything is good, I’ll release the build files later.


  • LCD + touch controller
  • 5 inch LCD with touch screen
  • 128Mbit serial flash
  • 2 RS-232 ports
  • RS-485 port
  • I2C port
  • CAN port
  • Ethernet port
  • USB port
  • Micro SD card reader
  • Programming port and debug port
  • Some analog and digital pins output E-Port (connector not populated)

Please share your thoughts about it.

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Looks very nice!

Any idea of cost?


When I made it I didn't think about costs as never had any thoughts about profit. I still don't. As I said, once I'm sure everything works, I'll release the build files here. I believe it's possible to build it with around $120 USD (board is a little expensive as is a 4 layers PCB)


That's about what I would have guessed. I was wondering because I am looking at cheap 3D printer controllers, which are slowly moving from AVR to ARM.

The SAM3X8E is about £8, for about £9 I could get a Cortex A5 (e.g. SAMA5), which is a significant bump in performance for a small fraction of the overall cost. It could also run Linux, with external RAM.

Finding non-BGA packages for the bigger chips limits the options though, so a fast M3 or M4 is probably more practical. A SAM3X board has the advantage of the Arduino ecosystem of course.


Did you look into olimex? I'm related to them in any aspect but they have nice boards with LCD/touch interface. I bought a board from them once and service was excellent. If I remember correctly they have images for linux and android. As you say those boards don't have all the arduino ecosystem.