My new Electronics Channel - Fun With Electronics

Hi Guys, I am a 12 year old kid who loves electronics and programming. This is my first post here.

I just started my youtube channel - Fun With Electronics - I am trying to make a Robot Arm as my first project.

Would be very grateful if everyone in this forum can see my videos and let me know if I am doing a good job.

Love Arduino. Thanks everyone.

Great work!

One minor suggestion: OSOYOO gave bad advice about how to install the GRBL library. You should never install anything to the Arduino IDE installation folder because it will all be lost when you update to a new version of the Arduino IDE. Instead, you should install to the sketchbook folder (as configured at File > Preferences > Sketchbook location). The Arduino IDE has a very useful feature for installing libraries: Sketch > Include Library > Add .ZIP Library. This will ensure the library is installed correctly. If you prefer, you can also install the library manually to the sketchbook, similar to how you installed it to the Arduino IDE installation folder.

Thank you for your feedback Shannon. May I request you to kindly post this comment in my youtube video so others may read it also. I will also mention it in my next post.


HitRatio: Thank you for your feedback Shannon.

His name's "pert" not Shannon, which is his (or her?) forum membership level.

I can’t see your arm working with those huge heavy motors out on the ends of the arm segments. I think you need to look at an arm design that keeps those motors closer to the base and uses levers to do the actuation.

Sorry Pert. My first day here. Thanks for your feedback Ardy. I think that is a great idea. Will reconsider the design to move the motors closer to the base.

No worries. I kind of enjoy it when people call me “Shannon”. I’ll miss it after I hit the Brattain level.

Look into linkages and leverage.

Wire is great for pulling, light weight and strong, can pull against weight or spring. Stainless > Steel > Iron > Copper for wire. 2 wires could pull 1 lever, if one lets up the arm swings the other way and wire slack is zero.

You keep the motor(s) near the batteries so the power runs can be thick and short for less loss. If you ride a bicycle, consider how hand brakes and gear shifts apply hand power to cantilevers at wheel rims and hubs?

Find the full length video of Ralph Steiner's Mechanical Principles on Youtube, you might want to capture a copy. Most of that can be done with light materials, see what's inside of a Furby (net search).

Well done! Remind folks to always turn the power off before adding or removing wires, etc.

Wires and cables are always used where weight or access is a problem. Think of airplanes before electronic and hydraulic control were possible. Cables controlled ALL the moving surfaces. Pulleys are cheap and light weight.

You can even do what cats do with feet. One tendon pulls the toe down and another tendon pulls the toe up. But when BOTH tendons are pulled, the claws extend. That might save the use of an additional servo or solenoid.


Thanks Paul, Thanks GoForSmoke... The mechanical design will be a challenge. But I have all you wonderful people to help me so things should go well...

Looking forward to the mechanical part.

pert: No worries. I kind of enjoy it when people call me "Shannon". I'll miss it after I hit the Brattain level.

Cause then they will call you "Brat".


Hey, let us know when you start up a Microsoft/Apple like company ;)

Hi Guys, I just uploaded my 3rd episode on my channel - "Fun with Electronics" - Making a Robot Arm.

This video starts the journey of how to make a custom PCB and then later bring it into the Arduino Eco-system.

I hope you guys will subscribe to my channel and we all will build many custom Arduino PCBs in the future.



Hey LarryD, Thank you. The important thing is that I have fun with electronics... :)

Hi Guys,
I just posted a detailed tutorial to create your own 6 Stepper Motor PCB from scratch. These videos will take you step by step on how to create your own shields for Arduino.

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Hi Guys, I just posted a detailed tutorial to create your own 6 Stepper Motor PCB from scratch.

Please comment and Subscribe.



Hi Guys, Being a product designer, one of the biggest limitations is to look for the correct PCB to run your designs.

This is not a problem if you know how to make your own PCBs.

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Hi Guys,

Learn to professionally design your own PCBs following these step by step tutorials, explained from scratch.



@HitRatio, please stop cross-posting.

Hi Coding,

I feel my videos will help many people in different fields. I can see you removed it from other topics, but I wanted to share with Robotics, Microprocessors, Motors, Introductory videos.

Do you feel that these people will all come to this forum to see these videos?

I am a newbie poster to please help me understand how to reach all different topics from here?

Thanks HitRatio