my new NG arduino

hi guys, today I recieved my new NG arduino board!! I tried to make it work but I did not succeed. When we upload a simple program (like Led_blink) to the board the programm will not be executed, though the transmission is successfull. Is this a hardware or a software problem? I tried the same program on an older arduino board (not NG) and it worked well. I did not know that there are differences in the arduino boards, are there special drivers? I just downloaded that one available on the arduino site (0007). thanx for helping us and all the best, Julian and Sascha :-/


it's probably something very simple that is preventing it from running. Have a look in the troubleshooting section of the Arduino guide, here.



please check in the tools menu that the atmega168 is selected... arduino shipped with 2 different processors
and the ide defaults to the "old" atmega8 while current boards ship with atmga168

it's in the faqs