My new oscilloscope!

I got a new toy in the post yesterday:
It's the DSO nano, bought from eBay several weeks ago. ( Yesterday morning, the postman came, just as we were about to set off out. I looked at the parcel, and thought it was some RGB LEDs that I ordered a while back. It turned out that I was wrong. When I opened it, I found an oscilloscope, neatly wrapped up in bubblewrap and anti-static packaging. Sadly though, I had to dump it in the lounge, and then I went out.
When I came back late last night, I got a chance to start playing! Held inside the tiny package of the DSO nano is a brilliant little oscilloscope. It takes many different readings, on top of showing waveforms. When you press (and hold) the pause button, it shows:

  • Frequency
  • Cycle time
  • High time
  • Low time
  • Average voltage
  • Peak to peak voltage
  • Vrms DC (???)
  • Vrms AC (???)
  • Maximum voltage
  • Minimum voltage
  • Dynamic (dB) (???)

This seems like a lot of handy features, but it should be remembered that some multimeters also have these.

The oscilloscope is the size of my mobile phone. (To give a better size comparison, here is a picture of the 'scope next to the arduino duemillanove:


You can edit the UI of the oscilloscope, but I am happy with it as it is, so I will just leave it. It also says that you can store waveforms to a FAT16 memory card, but I have no idea how to format a memory card into a FAT16 card. On top of this, it says that you can connect it to a computer, but this does not work for my PC - the file that you are meant to use for it comes up as an arduino file.
This was meant to be a review for it, but I cannot think of anything else to say, so it is a pretty bad one . :blush: :blush: :blush:

I would give this 'scope 5 stars, but that is for my use. Other people might choose to give it a lower rating as it only has one input channel. For me this is fine. For others, it might not.

Sorry for the review being so bad, but hopefully someone else will have something to add.

Nice gadget!

Nice gadget!

Yes! It will definately be used lots.

Looked like a repurposed MP3 player

Looked like a repurposed MP3 player

Yes, I suppose it does. The play/pause button pauses a fast moving waveform, and shows it in real-time again. The left and right buttons change the X axis sensitivity. The + and - buttons adjust the Y axis sensitivity. The M button changes the mode, and allows USB communication.