My New Robot- GreaseBot Mk I(pics)


I just finished building my robot.Here are some pics

It uses an arduino Uno,l293 motor driver and 2 12v 100 rpm dc gear motors and a Sharp Ir rangefinder GP2D12 mounted on a servo as its sensor.
It works pretty well for now, but i have to iron out a few kinks.It definitely does not compare to some of you bots
but i think its pretty good for a kid :smiley:
Ill upload a video later today.
Please ignore the crapiness of the construction, most of it is held together
with masking tape and prayers :-[ . I have the breadboard on a box because inside the box there is the battery
I wanted the the center of gravity to be in the middle of the robot as much as possible so that both wheels had
equal traction and it moved more or less straight(all the heavy parts are more or less in the center).
Please tell me what you think.
Enjoy the pics ;D(sorry for crappy pics)