My Orders

After logging in, using iOS on MacBook Pro with Safari, there is no link to my orders, my order history or any other information about my account.


I went to "Profile", no link to orders, order history.

As a result, I made the mistake of processing two separate orders for the same thing by mistake, thinking that I had not completed the transaction properly. When in fact the order was placed but there was no way for me to see my order history.

Very frustrating.
Never ran into this before in all the years I have been ordering online.


@igranderojo sorry to hear about your frustration, we have been migrating to a new Store infrastructure so that’s why you are experiencing hiccups, we are working hard to fix them all.

On the profile page there is a link to the Orders (see attachment), you probably don’t see your past orders because of the migration to the new system about a month ago.

The Order details look like the screenshot attached.

If you have placed your order twice please contact and you will be able to return what is not needed.

Thanks again for your patience.