my P10 rgb hub 75 doesnt work with library correctly

hello boys sorry for english for beginning.

i have some problem on my p10 rgb 16*32 . I was thinking library is missing but when download all available for these types of panels (adafruit or rgb matrix even dmd ) i think position of pixel on my panel is wrong.

i found a solution here but it did not solve my problem to 100%.

i can set pixels directly without library with this and draw something but moving text is too much to handle for me…

this code i use for testing

// Following codes simply shifts out data for 16x32 LED matrix.
uint64_t row1[16];
uint64_t temp;
int LP = 10;            // Latch Pin
int ClkP = 8;           // Clock Pin
int R1P = 2;          // R1 Pin
int B1P = 4;          // B1 Pin
int G1P = 3;           // G1 Pin
int R2P = 5;           // R2 Pin
int B2P = 7;           // B2 Pin
int G2P = 6;           // G2 Pin
int AP = A0;            // A Pin
int BP = A1;            // B Pin
int CP = A2;            // C Pin
int OEP = 9;          // OE Pin
int row = 0;
uint8_t i;

void setup() {
//set pins to output so you can control the shift register
pinMode(LP, OUTPUT);
pinMode(ClkP, OUTPUT);
pinMode(R1P, OUTPUT);
pinMode(B1P, OUTPUT);
pinMode(G1P, OUTPUT);
pinMode(R2P, OUTPUT);
pinMode(B2P, OUTPUT);
pinMode(G2P, OUTPUT);

digitalWrite(AP, LOW);
digitalWrite(BP, LOW);
digitalWrite(CP, LOW);
digitalWrite(LP, LOW);
digitalWrite(OEP, LOW);
temp = 0x0000000000000001;


void loop() {

for(row=0; row<4; row++){
   for (i = 0; i < 64; i++)  {
      digitalWrite(B1P, !!(row1[row] & (temp << (63-i))));
      digitalWrite(R2P, !!(row1[row+4] & (temp << (63-i))));
      digitalWrite(ClkP, HIGH);
      digitalWrite(ClkP, LOW);
   digitalWrite(OEP, HIGH);
   digitalWrite(LP, HIGH);  
   digitalWrite(AP, !!(row & B00100001));
   digitalWrite(BP, !!(row & B00100010));
   digitalWrite(CP, !!(row & B00010100));
   digitalWrite(OEP, LOW);
   digitalWrite(LP, LOW);  

it draw some lines with two colors but something like moving text and diffrent colors on each led is a mystery for me.

Do i need new library or is it something with scan rate?