My PC gives a bluescreen very often when ARDUINO is used

Hello everyone,

my computer gives bluescreens very often when I use my Arduino Uno. I have just one potentiometer connected to it and the program inside what it does is constantly send the potentiometer values at a baudrate of 115200 to my PC via serial port. The context in which I use this information is in a Unity Application in a PC with Windows 8. This occurs very often but not everytime. The error itself is shown in the image below, if there is some other useful log or info I can provide please let me know.

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You should start with posting a schematic. You may be drawing more current than the USB port can supply.

Thank you for answering, is there a way I can monitor the current that the USB port is drawing? By schematic you mean the script I uploaded to the Arduino? Sorry, I'm still at a very low level when it comes to working with Arduino..

A schematic is a diagram of all the things you have connected to the Arduino so we can see if there are things that may be drawing a lot of current.

A photo of a simple pencil drawing will be great.


DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL is always a software bug in a kernel driver.

There is a very slight possibility that @PaulS's theory has merit. In his theory the over-current situation would be exercising the buggy code.

Did you google the error?

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Not sure if it will help..