My Power Electronics Project

Hi, I would like some help with a project of mine. See, I want to design a priority based system for the charging of a battery through a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). The system must give the first priority to Solar Panels, so if there is charge available from solar panels then the panels should charge the UPS/battery first. Second priority goes to the Main Grid, so if solar panels cannot supply power, then the Main Power grid should charge the load.

There is a basic block diagram attached showing the idea.

I would also really appreciate any guidance on which sensors would be needed for this kind of undertaking.
Also how to deal with high voltages while interfacing the project with Arduino.

Please reply.


Your description is quite vague.

A battery must have an overload protection, against both too high voltage and too high current. When the battery is full, all loading should stop.

As long as the battery is not full, current can be drawn from the solar panels. You'll have to specify a minimum current, beyond which the mains supply should take over.