My Programming Aren't Working!

Hey guys! I have a question about a message I found out about. When I clicked on Serial Monitor a message popped up saying, "Board at COM1 is not available." I'm using an Arduino Uno connected to a Toshiba Window 7 computer that has just updated to Window 10. Please help me, I really want my programming to work! Thanks!


Ps: I don't really understand really-hard-to-understand direction so please tell me in normal English, please. :D

When your program fails to upload, you are pointed to Way, way down on the list is whining on the forum, in the wrong section.

By the time you do resort to the forum, you should have a ton of answers ready, and NOT need to be asked the obvious questions.

allrighty... try right click on Arduino icon Properties>compatibility tab> select run as "windows 7". This is of course assuming you already have the USB driver installed and your arduino is plugged into a non 3.0 port AND that your cable is a data cable and not just a charging cable.