My push button is constantly pushing itself!

Hi, so I started a project today (GameBoi™) and I wired up the button.
the program started to jump by itself (it was a flappy bird thingy).
I only modified the code to match my LCD and push-button pins.

Flappy_bird.ino (8.89 KB)

Thanks for providing the code. However 9k is more than I will go through to answer a question like this. I suggest you focus on the output of the button code in isolation by producing a test sketch that only exercises the button switches. The problem is probably there, or in the switch wiring. If not, you can move on to the next possibility. When you have a working push button sketch, it will be easier to move to the project.

void buttonPush() {
  buttonPushed = true;

oops, probably want to check the condition of your input instead of just setting true.