My PWM Fan Control Diagram - Input Pls?

This is for my car, which I would like to implement variable speed cooling fan control.

I have a
Mega 2560
2 MOSFET - BUK952R8-60E,127 -
1 MOSFET Driver - TC4420EPA - TC4420EPA-ND&x=11&y=12

Attached is a diagram of how I plan to wire it all up.

For reference, I previously asked for input in the following thread…

This is my first arduino project, and I have very little experience with electronics… so any input would be appreciated.
Will it blow up? :astonished:

Fan Diagram.pptx (218 KB)

Will it blow up?

Probably at least once 8)

But as your signature says

If we knew what we were doing, we wouldn’t call it research, would we?

Mega is total overkill for that, start with something less expensive, or make a standalone board even where you can just replace the microcontroller. Your MOSFETs may get hot, be sure to heatsink them well if you are sinking a lot of current.

Your MOSFET has the drain as the tab, so you need to keep the heatsink isolated from ground. If you had selected one with the source as the tab, then your heatsink could have been ground also.

I know the mega seems kinda silly (overkill), but I plan on adding on to the system at a later date. Electric water pump control, manual override of the fan to 100%, display of various parameters from the engine ecu via LCD, etc.

I'll look into getting something smaller, maybe an uno or something for development though... it's a good idea

The diagram shows a diode between the + and - of the fan, which is supposed to protect against flyback pulses from the fan. What am I looking for in a diode?

I'm not opposed to selecting another MOSFET, so thanks for the suggestion... I'll see what I can find for heatsinks. I may just run a fan on the box that I mount all this on as well.