My PWM ports don't seem to work.

Hi, I recently built the LED stop lamp exercise to get me back into the swing of things and that worked fine using lower PWM ports. But when I tried the multi colored LED using the 9, 10, 11 PWM ports the exercise would not work. I tried a tutorial off of youtube yesterday that would simply light the LED and scroll through the 3 colors, Red, Green, Blue. When using my analog VOM the LED does light the three colors.

I am using the Arduino UNO board and do not get any error messages that I can tell. Has anyone experienced something like this before? I updated to the latest software yesterday.

Is the board broken?

No code, no schematic, no help.

Please READ THIS POST to help you get the best out of the forum.


These steps may also save you some unnecessary time and effort in the forum.


  • Check you have a COMMON GROUND where required.

  • Where possible use USB 2.0 ports or a USB 2.0 POWERED HUB to rule out USB 3.0 issues.

  • Try other computers where possible.

  • Try other USB leads where possible.

  • You may not have the correct driver installed. CH340/341 or CP2102

  • There may be a problem with the board check your wiring first.

  • Remove any items connected to pins 0 and 1.

  • Ensure you turn off any additional security / antivirus just to test.

  • There may be a problem with the PC try RESTARTING it.

  • You may be selecting the wrong COM port.

  • Avoid cloud/network based installations where possible OR ensure your Network/Cloud software is RUNNING.

  • Clear your browsers CACHE.

  • Close the IDE before using any other serial programs.

  • Preferably install IDE’s as ADMINISTRATOR or your OS equivalent
    Performing the above actions may help resolve your problem without further help.


thanks, will post more next time.

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