my Pwr led is red...

I have a Arduino Extreme v2, it has worked before, but now the PWR led is red.. and As i remember it should be green... Jumber is set close to USB.. (if I switch the jumber its still is red but mush weaker light)

Anyway I try to upload and I get "wrong microcontroller found" (i have selected tools-board_diecemilla)

and half the time i get the message" programmer is not responding" problem uploading to board "avrdude: stk500_recv(): programmer is not responding"

is it gone? only the tx lamp blinks when uploading... :-[

Anyway I try to upload and I get
“wrong microcontroller found” (i have selected tools-board_diecemilla)

I’m not sure, but the correct board to be selected is ‘NG or older w/ atmega8’ or ‘NG or older w/ atmega168’. Take a look in your Atmega IC to choose one of that, and try upload again.

Don’t forget to set the correct COM Port in tools menu too.

Some of the boards have a red power LED, that should be fine.

Does your chip say "ATmega8" or "ATmega168"? You need to select one of the boards that Adilson recommended.