My result didn't show in thingspeak

I’ve put 2 of my project. It might not be a different at all

“CAN SHOW” > get h and t from random from esp32 chip

“CANTSHOW”> get h and t from DHT11

but “CANSHOW” can run and show result in the but CANT SHOW it can’t show in the website

CANT_SHOW.ino (2.56 KB)

CAN_SHOW.ino (3.21 KB)

It might not be a different at all

Far more different than they need to be for the sake of troubleshooting.

but CANT SHOW it can't show in the website

What do you see in Serial Monitor if you have it open while CANT_SHOW is running?

It also show the temp and humidity correctly. But it didn't sent to the ThinkSpeak

I use ThinkSpeak a lot, it's fun. Just use the examples they give. worked for me.