My robot

this is the robot I'm doing with Arduino and Wii nunchuk, hope you like it first hand. :) :)

Thats some sweet hardware you got there!

Nice robot :)

It will be fun to follow this project...

you used a servo control for the joystick? code snippets? :D

Hello, after working with the media have been arduino arduino to make for XBee. this is the continuation of my project but needed I hope to have little to finish soon so that it can see well.

regarding the question of bleedscarlet, no traction is to serve are as dc bikers and drivers with the Arduino PWM, the arm that is what I am doing now if you have servos and if I did it in the library arduino servo brings.

:) :)

Wow, is that thing as huge as it looks? You've got heatsinks the size of my thumb!


and that this is the small, I could not finish the big one that is bigger than this.

then it will show

:) :)

Where do you get the tracks?

Are you gonna post code for XBee communication?