My security alarm project enclosure just arrived!

In another thread, I spoke about building an alarm system with RFID tag + PIN for secure access. now I can really get going on it now that my enclosure has just arrived!

All I have to do is mount in a power supply, and get to work! :)

I will post details as I iron them out.


travis_farmer: code is fine, monitor is fine, MOD-VGA board, not fine. not sure what happened, but that was quite a bit of money well spent.

Back to the drawing board...


GL, this is a great project in the making here!

travis_farmer: I'm not sure if this is sarchasm or not... (really, I don't know)

I'm not scrapping the whole project, just my display method.

I did reduce the number of Zone inputs too. rather than 32 total zones (just because I could), to just 8 analog zones. Why analog, some may ask? because I found an interesting little circuit that uses resistors to detect the difference between a tripped sensor, and a cut/shorted line. (See image attachment)

As I woke up with some serious heart-burn, I won't get into to the math, but it looks like it will work.


No, that wasn't sarcasm haha. I do wish you luck and if you need help ever just give me a shout!