my server is dying!!!!

so, went to log into my server, and every command i tried could not be found! have i been hacked? i can't imagine a hard-drive failure, as they are both fairly new. i just moved everything over to my server for a backup!!! man i can't handle this crap right now. whatever went wrong, i shut my server down until i can get to it directly. i am really freaked out right now. i know i blocked my SMTP server from outside traffic, so that shouldn't have been the entry point. all i can say is WTF!!! :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o


Your ISP could have shut it down, eg, block the connections. Some ISPs TOS blocks you from hosting services....

Where should we send the flowers?

What is the point of having your own server? Aren't there companies that do this well for a reasonable price?

Exactly. And the Arduino is the analog to the outside server. A while back I was considering having a server set up for my business but after seeing the problems you have been experiencing, I decided to scrap the idea. It's like, I want to watch TV...not build a TV. I want to have data/information on a server, not expend a ton of effort fighting off hackers.

So I was just asking, what is the point of having your own server? What is the benefit?

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TKall: I want to have data/information on a server, not expend a ton of effort fighting off hackers.

So I was just asking, what is the point of having your own server? What is the benefit?

You lean how to fight off the hackers :D

Travis. Do you still have your bin sbin directories? Have you checked your environment variables have not been corrupted?

You lean how to fight off the hackers

That's fine if it is all you have to do all day.

You seem to have a lot of problems, time to take a holiday from it all.

Head south for a month.

That’s fine if it is all you have to do all day.

If a hacker get’s through the perimeter I might be up all night :eek

More seriously. The benefit depends on what you are trying to achieve.

If you are looking to host a dinky little static web site, consuming a couple 100Mb a month, that makes no contribution to essential revenue, sure, shared tenancy hosting (cpanel) is a no brainer. You ain’t never going to recover the cap-ex and time invested in commissioning your own server. However, as needs get more complex, bandwidth requirements rise or revenue dependence increases, the cost / benefit shifts towards ownership.

Shared tenancy. Having someone else look after the platform for a <$1 a day sounds great but it’s a little like Windows Update. The hosting company makes changes without reference. Sometimes those changes require applications to be refactored, and you get little warning. Sometimes the hosting company messes up and you end up carrying the cost of their mistakes, as well as your own. And sometimes, because hosting companies make money by selling off their headroom, they oversell and your site degrades to a crawl while you wait for them to upgrade.

VPS is interesting. It looks attractive even to me but every time I do the math, like for like, owning hardware works out cheaper over 3 years. If you don’t have a server sitting around and need a platform to pilot, I guess a VPS can make sense.

AWS (cloud) is like a drug pusher. Costs nothing to get started but the more you become invested, the more the nickel and dimes add up. When you realise the cost of moving has gotten enormous, you are already addicted.

Co-Location. It’s expensive but for protecting critical revenues it is often the best choice. The biggest drawback is the narrow margin for error. If you mess up so badly you have to visit the data-centre, it can be hours in the car.

Internal (Private network). The big advantages are convenience and virtually free, virtually limitless bandwidth. The big disadvantage is if you need to get to it from the public network (internet) the opposite applies.

In all cases, your server is never better than the person looking after it. I support shared hosting, co-location and internal servers. Guess which is the least consistent and requires the most non-scheduled intervention - Yep, it’s the shared hosting.

Overall though, I spend far more time fixing my desktops than fixing my servers. People forget how much time they end up investing in the irritations caused by the computer on their desk. Sure, servers need the investment all at once but if you get the commissioning right, and don’t continually tinker like Travis, a server (should) need relatively little intervention over it’s life time.

larryd: You seem to have a lot of problems, time to take a holiday from it all.

Just Karma getting her own back.

On another thread, Travis was having a go at newbies to Arduino blaming the IDE, the forum, anything but themselves. Here he is, a day later, doing the same thing with his server. He knows what a path variable does. He knows to check the things he recently changed. He blamed 'Hackers' ;)

Must be Karma.

travis_farmer: go ahead, get your laughing in ;) we all like to tinker, don't we? this is a tinker community here. :P

No laughing on my part. Tinker away. But my advice is don't tinker with servers installed for production use (the context I was replying to).

yeah, yeah. get your laughs in. :P i already took ownership of causing the problem.

Nope. I'm not the judgemental type. The threads criticising newbies for not behaving the way others want them to cause me genuine discomfort. I do however, appreciate irony a great deal.

i am thinking of eventually spreading out my services to separate servers. PWS on one, internet radio server on another, critical file storage on another. this way, if one goes down, the others still work. no more all-in-one.

It's a balancing act. Sometimes it's better to invest the time running one server well. I don't suppose you will ever see enough traffic to need more than one 'front end' server. The storage server fair enough, the use case and risks are sufficiently different to warrant it. You already know my opinion of your PE1950 - It's a waste of electricity.

But I'm not you.

travis_farmer: in any case, hackers didn't get my server. at least not the intentional external variety. :o so... i guess i can return to the regularly scheduled programing. whatever that is.