My servo are crazy, help me pls

Hello, i have a problem with servo. i built a robotic arm with a gripper on the top. The grip has 3 servo and the arm has 2 more servo for moving. There is another continoua servo for the rotation. I’d connected all the servo of the grip and the continous servo to a 4.5 volt power supply and the other two servo at two 5v power supply. I command this arm with an xbox360 joypad. All the servo don’t work and goin crazy if i try to command them. I use the usb shield. i cant post the code in the message because is too long but i have attached a pdf of it…

cugew-z0f76.pdf (46.8 KB)

A pdf is pointless, why on earth convert the sketch to something unusable / unrunnable?

Your problem is likely inadequate power, most servo problems are, please post details of these power supplies and how you've wired them up.

Maybe you are right, i used the most expensive and removed the two other. I powered only the grip and one arm's servo and it was going very well, without going crazy and think of these. Then i used it to power only the rotation servo and it was working good too. Instead, the last arm servo stopped working without reason, it just spin down and get stuck everytime i try to power it. Thanks