My sg90 Servo isn't working

I bought a servo motor a while ago to make a cnc plotter, where the servo would get hot because the pen-lift mechanism needed some torque. After I took it out from the mechanism, it worked fine for a few days and stopped working after a month. I am using an arduino nano but the motor won't turn even with an external supply. There are no heating issues, and i can turn it manually like it was off and no resistance was felt please let me know if I fried my servo. I used the ''Sweep'' example.
Here is the schematic: (

If the servo will not turn using the Sweep example when powered externally with a common GND connection between the external supply and the Arduino then it sounds like the servo is busted. It may be worth trying a number of pins on the Arduino in case one or more of them is not working

Small servos with plastic gears can strip their gears if heavily loaded (as well as overheat). If you need more torque you'll need a higher power servo. Why was a lot of torque needed though? Pens shouldn't be that heavy I'd have thought.

Sorry guys. I found the problem i cracked the servo open to check if any parts had blown up and i found that the ground wire had come right off with the pad. luckily i was able to get some solder on it and it works again

there was a spring attached to a metal rod with a pen holder on it. Because it was a pen spring it needed more power, hope you get it :slight_smile:

Then you need more leverage against the strong spring - typical servo arms move a few cm, you only need to move a few mm to raise a pen I'd have thought, so you can employ some leverage to lower the required force.

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