My sketch suddenly empty!!!!!

I am very new on this forum - not only the forum, but the whole Arduino environment. My story:

I am - since a week now - working on a sketch. I already have some 8 tabs in my sketch, and it started to run.

I have one "strange" thing happening: now and then Arduino Create is restarting - the intro-screen suddenly reappears; after a few seconds I can continue. Nothing is lost.

But a few minutes ago, above happened again, and one of my tabs was empty!!! Three days of working lost!!!

Does anybody know what happened, and if I can somehow retrieve my work? I am very happy with all help you can give me!

Thanks in advance,

Han Overman

Environment: Windows10, Firefox

For future reference, there is a forum section dedicated to the Arduino Web Editor (AKA Arduino Create):

where people knowledgeable on this topic are more likely to see your post. I have requested this thread be moved there so there is no need to make another post in that section.

Hopefully you can recover the lost work.

Hi @ditohan, I reported your issue, thank you

Hi @ditohan, you should contact, explaining the situation and providing a link to the sketch

The same thing happened to me.
So let me describe what happened:
I saved my sketch as i needed to test it. After saving it the website "blinked" and suddenly two other tabs that had a lot of different code now has the same code as one of my other tab (main.ino tab / first tab).
I couldn't reverse it and it seems it saved this "corrupted" version instead. So i basically lost two tabs full of code.
Wish there was a version manager for this so i could revert back to an older copy.

Just wanted to let you know that it still happens and hopefully this can get solved in the future.

Kind regards,