My sketchbook disappeared and no longer exist !

Hello, from Mr. Stupid Firepod ! I am so mad at my self for messing up my computer and my Arduino software program. My sketchbook disappeared and no longer exist ! I am the guy that can not get tool pouch on because he is so dense. I have downloaded and deleted the Arduino program so many times it is pathetic. I still can not get my teeny weeny ATtiny85 files to show up in my tools list on my 2009 Intel Apple iMac running software version OS X 10.8.4 Mountain Lion. After I do my best to uninstall my messed up Arduino software and to try and get a clean slate to hit myself over my head with so I can redownload a clean version of Arduino 1.0.5. I get a dialog box that reads.

Titled ( Schetchbook folder disapeared ) " The schetchbook folder no longer exists. Arduino will switch to the default sketchbook location, and create a new sketchbook folder if necessary. Arduino will then stop talking about himself in the third person ".

I will attempt to install a screenshot photo of the dialog box after this sentence.

!( Library/Originals/2013/Jun 12, 2013_3/Schetchbook no longer exist.png)

Is there a way to get a complete clean delete uninstall of Arduino before downloading a new clean version of Arduino 1.0.5 for the bird brain hitting the wrong keys on his iMac computer ?

How can I get the proper schetchbook back into my Arduino software program ?

I have a handful of ATiny85’s that I would like to use as soon as possible !

Is there anyone that may have the patients to work with me to get me out of hole that I have fallen into ?

I used to say I wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but now I’m also dull and rusty.

Thanks in advance to anyone who has time to help out a Vet who is an old salt ?

Mike Snyder
username : Firepod :grin:

Schetchbook no longer exist.png

Every version of Arduino download is independent.
File:Preferences to set your sketchbook location.
That seems to be common from download to download unless you change it.